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Dramatic 911 calls from a grocery store under siege

April 10, 2008

Tifton-  Dramatic calls to 911 from inside a grocery store under siege. A man pulled a gun in the Piggly Wiggly in Tifton Monday night. As he held a teenaged clerk at gunpoint, other employees and customers quickly dialed 911.

You can hear the terror in their voices.

Clerk: "Just come on, they've got a gun in my manager's face, just come on please."

Customer: "There's somebody robbing the store. Me and my sister are stuck in the back of the store." 911 Dispatcher: "Okay are they white males, black males?" Customer: "I don't know what he is, please help us."

As 48-year old Craig Plymel held a teenage clerk at gunpoint, the clerk's boyfriend who had stopped by to see her, grabbed his cell phone.

911 Dispatcher: "What's your name sir?" C.J.: "C.J. Schofill, Ya'll need to hurry up and get here now!" 911 Dispatcher: "What's your name?" C.J: "C.J. Can we get out the back Ryan?"

C.J. had stopped to buy gum and make sure a friend working at the store got home safely when he noticed Craig Plymel coming through the front door.

"As I was walking out a man came in wearing a yellow rain coat and a mask over his face which looked a little suspicious he looked kind of like somebody who does dry wall," said C.J. Schofill.

C.J. heard him yelling at the clerks at the front desk for money, including his friend.

"As I got up behind him, he turned around and put his gun in my face and made me lay down on the ground on my stomach and when he turned around I got up and ran to the back of the store by the meat department," said Schofill.

After calling 911, C.J. helped get other store customers out a back door. One front door was locked at seven for security. The other was blocked by Plymel.

"He was beside the door that was the way out," said Schofill.

The two rear emergency doors had safety locks that customers and staff struggled to open. Once C.J. leaned into with his shoulder it released. He made it to the front of the building to see police and hear the shot.

"I didn't know if it was her or the Cops had done their job," said Schofill.

Plymel was shot once in the head and remains in critical condition.

A modest C.J. Scofill doesn't consider himself a hero.

"I guess just caring for people around you, you know," said Schofill.

C.J.'s still shaken up and hasn't been back to the store since the robbery. The officer who shot Craig Plymel remains on paid leave while the GBI investigates the shooting.

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