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Green Market in Thomasville shut down

April 10, 2008

Thomasville-- A green market that opened Thursday in Downtown Thomasville was shut down that afternoon.   Just four hours after Florida's A & M's Small Farm Program opened the market, it was closed.  

Organizers say they were shut down by the director of the Thomasville Mainstreet program because they didn't have proper permits.

Farmer Jack Simmons, owner of Crescent Moon Farm says from radishes to lettuce, meat and cheese, even soap, there are lots of organic options.  "Organic is high quality, its all about marketing stuff yourself. You're not selling it at a wholesale house. I'm here selling my produce," says Simmons.

Thursday in the courtyard next to Liam's restaurant in downtown Thomasville was the first green market.  Nan Meyers, owner of the downtown shop Firefly is happy she can buy her produce from local farmers.  "Its very important to me. When I seek things out for my store, if I could have a local artist come in. I mean its supporting your community and that's the way it should be," says Meyers.  

Organic markets like this one aren't just good for local farmers. Organic produce like this red star lettuce give many benefits to consumers.  "It's better for you, no chemicals, none of that nasty stuff," says Meyers.   Simmons adds, "Organic food tastes better. And if it tastes better there is a difference. We don't use any pesticides, we don't use any chemical fertilizers."

For consumers the market also offers convenience since finding all organic, locally grown items can be a challenge.  "Locally grown yes, its almost impossible. I mean its here, I just feel like I'm a hunter and gatherer most of the time. Having to go get my eggs here and my cheese there, and my milk somewhere else," Meyers explains.

They hoped this could be a great new option for those thinking about going green. But until the permit issue is resolved, they'll have to wait and see   Organizers of the market say the Main Street director who shut them down never mentioned they needed a permit. They still plan to hold a second market on Saturday across town on Pinetree Boulevard in front of Sweet Basil Health and Wellness Center.




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