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Changing weather leads to more mosquitoes

April 10, 2008

Albany-  Our wishy washy weather could double your chances of getting bit by a mosquito in Dougherty County. It's also brought a new mosquito borne disease to portions of Georgia.

Because we've had both dry and wet conditions lately both mosquitoes who like to breed in dry and wet conditions have been breeding. Crews started spraying for the pests as early as March. In some portions of Georgia they've also found mosquitoes carrying Dengue which can be fatal but until now was typically found in Brazil and Puerto Rico. While it hasn't been found in Dougherty County, it may be a matter of time and they've already begun West Nile neighborhood checks.

"We're doing the screening assessments at homes in some of our highly dense areas. These are the areas that were identified to have positive mosquitoes and positive West Nile Virus cases. What were doing, we're assessing the homes, looking at screens that need repaired on the windows and also the doors," said Jacqueline Jenkins, District Health Epidemiologist.

So far, no cases of human, avian, animal, or mosquito infections have been found this year in Georgia.



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