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Tire dumping big problem in Albany

April 10, 2008

 Dougherty County -- Old tires are a breeding ground for dangerous mosquitoes, and Enviornmental law enforcement officers say you can find illegally dumped tires all across Albany and Dougherty County.  

Officials say they are dumbfounded why people continue to dump hundreds of tires illegally, but they are offering a solution to the problem. Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful Executive Director Judy Bowles said "we're just raising a huge population of mosquitoes out here."

Code Enforcement Officers investigate hundreds of used car tires dumped off Pecan Lane. They say they see it everyday, all across the county. Bowles said "it's a huge problem."

 Besides being an eyesore, dumped tires can be a deadly health hazard.  Bowles said "we're breeding mosquitoes here. You and I can look in here and see the larvae. That's the West Nile Virus, could come from this spot. We also have snakes, rat, other animals living in here."

And officials say they can not understand why so many people illegally dump tires. When you buy new tires, you pay a charge for the dealer to recycle your old tires, even if you don't leave them, you are paying for it.

The fee to dump tires at the landfill is only one buck. City garbage service will even pick them up at your house.  Bowles said "public works will pick up four tires a year from your house at no charge. So it's sort of mind boggling that we have them everywhere."

 A mind boggling problem that costs tax payers thousands each year to clean up, and endangers everyone. So they'll hold a free tire collection event next week. April 19th from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. you can take unwanted tires to five locations across Dougherty county, and they'll be recycled free.  The location corners are Holly Drive at Radium Springs Road.  Clark Avenue at Maple Strteet.  Jefferson Street at Newton Road. Third Avenue at Slappey Blvd.  And the Dougherty County Landfill on Gaissert Road.   

Officials say they are doing everything they can to make it easier to dispose of the tires properly, than to dump them illegally.

Dumping tires is a felony, and if convicted you could face up to five years in prison and fines up to $25,000.

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