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Team Lean melts away thousands of pounds

April 9, 2008

Bainbridge--  For some people, daily exercise can be a daunting task.  But in its 3rd year, Team Lean seems to make it a little easier on people. Nearly a thousand people made the decision to try it on for size this year.

"To begin with it was really hard. When you're not used to getting up at 4:30, getting ready and going to the track or going to the YMCA and working out," explains Miss Smith, a Team Lean participant.  

James Roberts says he joined for "Health benefits and none of my clothes fit. It was either that or buy fat clothes."  Losing 70 pounds, Roberts won the competition by losing 31% of his body weight just by eating right and exercising. 

"I tried to do it right when I came home from work. Don't let anything else get in your way, you've got it planned, you get home and get it out of the way," says Roberts.

Smith lost 45 pounds. Her team, the Sugar Coated Sumo's, including her husband and son took fourth place overall.  "My husband really accomplished a lot. He lost 76 pounds, he looks like a different person. He even feels a lot different he says He has a lot more energy, and so do I," says Smith.

The success stories go on and on. Beginning at 300 pounds, Angie Wolfe lost over 120 pounds by the end of the competition. 

Cathy Willis, Human Resources Director for Bainbridge Memorial Hospital says, "A couple people that I know that work with me personally that have come off of some of their medication just from being on team lean for 12 weeks."   Roberts adds, "The health benefits alone were worth, regardless of the weight loss." 

"I think about how I felt before this, and how I feel now, and it makes me want to pick up that apple or those grapes instead of the doughnut or the piece of cake," says Smith. Many participants say instead of just dieting, they learned to change their lifestyle, and it's a change they think they can stick with.

On top of the weight loss and health benefits gained, the top winners took home cash prizes. There will be another weigh-in in 6 months to see how well everyone's keeping the weight off.


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