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No more wire hangers!

April 8, 2008

Albany--  You could end up with folded clothes at the cleaners as more U.S. hanger factories hang it up.

Scott McCollum with McCollum Cleaners says 4 of 5 major hanger manufacturers have shut down. That leaves one company in Alabama to supply dry cleaners nationwide.

On top of that, McCollum says the Federal Trade Commission placed high tariffs on chinese hanger companies because they saturated the market. The number of hangers available are now dwindling.

"If they tell us that our allocation will be 60% of last year, where are the extra 7,000 hangers going to come from a month? Where are you going to find them? There's no other manufacturers. It's either chinese hangers with 38 to 200% tariff on them which quadruples the price of them. There is no other source for them," said McCollum.

McCollum urges you not to throw away the wire hangers you get from your dry cleaner. He says you should bring them to the cleaners when you bring in clothes.



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