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Wildcats with time to rest

April 6, 2008

Albany -- The South Georgia Wildcats are going to have an extra long time to dwell on their first loss of the season, as the Cats play their next game a week from Monday.

South Georgia is on the road next week at Daytona Beach, facing an expansion team that has scored just 26-points in its first two games combined.

With the extra time until the next match, Wildcats head coach Derek Stingley is giving his team a few days to rest and recuperate.

Wide receiver P.J. Berry says, "We need it, I'm not going to lie. A couple of the guys are playing hurt. But it's part of the game, it's football. As a team, we're just going to try and get our mindset back, because this is a tough loss, and we need it."

Stingley says the long week will also give him extra time to study his team.

"I'm going to have to evaluate a lot of positions," says Stingley, "and there may be some changes here and there, because I coach to win, and I can't take losing. I thought technique was the reason we lost, because a lot of guys really just got out athleted."

The Wildcats play at Daytona Beach next Monday at 7pm.

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