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Georgia gun bill now goes before Governor

April 6, 2008

Albany -- Georgians with a concealed weapons permit would be able to carry a gun in more places under a bill passed by state Legislators.

The bill would allow guns on public transportation, in restaurants and state parks. It would also allow employees to leave weapons in their cars at work as long as the employer says it okay.

But some South Georgians say state lawmakers are shooting themselves in the foot. "I think that having guns in more places will have a possibility of increased shootings, and increase the accessibly of guns to young people," said Donald Marks.

"It's okay to have one for the protection of your home, but in public places I disagree," said Bonnie Hawkins.

"It depends on the person. If it's there to protect you, yeah. If it's there for different job, no," said Megan Lattimore.

Many say this is a recipe for more crime. "In the heat of the moment people react differently. You never know what can happen," said mother of two, Shannon Nichols.

"If people say or do something that a person dislikes, it's much easier to grab that gun than it is to try to reason with the person," said Hawkins.

"I definitely wouldn't mess with anyone who's got a gun, I guess it would make you safer. I believe you should be able to carry a gun if you go through the right channels to get one," said Michael Hendrix.

And those who disagree with the bill say this is the problem. The state does not require firearm safety training making it too easy to get a permit. "I believe that we have the right to bear arms, but we also have the right to be responsible," said Marks.

This bill now goes before Governor Sonny Perdue.The original bill would have also allowed guns in churches and public gatherings but that was stripped in the final version.


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