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King remembered in Albany 40 years after death

April 4, 2008

Albany --   For so many of those who personally knew Dr. King, it's hard to believe it's really been 40 years since his death.     

Forty Years ago many remembered where the were when the heard the news that Dr. Martin Luther King Junior had been shot.    

Former state representative John White of Albany was at an Atlanta hotel. "That place kind of erupted in anger," White recalled. "It was really kind of a fearful time."

Forty years later, a lot has changed. "There's a ways to go on both sides, if people look at each other on both sides of the race issue. But we've come so much further than what we were back in the 60s," said White.

The former state representative and TV anchor man is also thankful for where we've come since the 60s. Not even a decade after Doctor Kings death John White became the first African American television news anchor in South Georgia, and he said it wasn't easy.          

"I faced some hostility in Southwest Georgia, but I was able to overcome that by being as pleasant as I could be to the people I went to interview," he says.     

 Today as many across the nation honor the civil rights leader, it's also a time for reflection about the privileges African Americans now enjoy.

"You're just about free to eat where you want to, to sit where you want to, to drive what you want to," says Carol Kluball.

"Thank God for Martin Luther King," said Helen Young.

He never lived to see the state of the nation today, but because of countless others, his dream lives on.



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