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Car racing keeps kids off the streets

April 4, 2008

Valdosta - This is not your average car club and it's keeping kids off the streets in Valdosta.

The Mildred Hunter Community Center has started a remote control car club.

Those involved meet twice a week and on weekends to race remote control cars and even compete against other teams.

Club leaders say the car club gives kids an alternative after school activity, teaches them valuable life lessons as well as introduces them to positive role models and mentors.

"It's rewarding to get them involved in RC racing. You get to mentor kids, talk to them and it's not only running the car but dealing with their heads, what their thinking about and counseling them on what's going on at home," says Andre Newson, club leader.

They say the club has gotten so popular that parents, siblings and even grandparents are getting involved.

And you can too! The club meets at the Mildred Hunter Community Center on Tuesdays and Thursday at 5:30 PM.


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