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Racing for education

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April 3, 2008

Adel - Joyful screams aren't the usual sounds you'd hear in a classroom.

But then again, it's not everyday that students get to have class on a racetrack. But teachers say the cars and track will help teach the students of Cook County preschool the basics.

"What makes a car go fast and slow by looking at inclines on the track. We've talked about different shapes with the oval of the track and the kids are really excited about the numbers on the cars," says Pre-K teacher Jeanmarie Harris.

For a week, they've been studying.  "We've talked about numbers and colors and the different types of flags that are used and what the flags are used for."

Today, 225 students began class at the South Georgia Motorsports park in Adel. They saw drag racing, motorcycle stunts and got an up close and personal look at all types of race cars.

Teachers say the lessons they learn here will stick with them.  "Most everyone learns better from a first hand, on site experience and it makes it real to them," Harris says.  "The children are just so excited and fired up while we are studying about it and they'll continue to talk about it several weeks to come."

And keep them excited at school and wanting to learn more.