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MCLB lends a hand

April 3, 2008

Albany -- Marines and civilian Marine mechanics from the Marine Corps Logistics Base are about to head to Florida to repair equipment for the Reserves, and there could be many more trips in their future.

The Marine Forces Reserves requested the Albany Logistic Command's help since Reserve troops don't have much time to spend on equipment maintenance.   

"And what we're basically trying to do is get to these units to service their equipment. There's only 37 training days a year for reserve units, and we're trying to service their equipment because they don't have the time," says Gunnery Sgt.  Anthony Kratz.  

The Albany team will head to reserve sites in Florida equipped with two tractor trailers, parts, a mobile tool system. and vans for transportation.

They're expected to return in early June. It's a pilot program, and if it's successful the Albany workers may begin to provide multiple mobile maintenance teams across the nation.


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