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Tom Joyner Morning Show helps ASU students

April 3, 2008

Albany --  The cost of college is skyrocketing. Many graduates finish school deep in debt, if they can afford to finish at all, but a nationally-known radio personality is working to help.

Myra J, a popular personality on the Tom Joyner Morning Show did a live broadcast from the ASU campus in an effort to help raise money for scholarships at Albany State, as the school of the month.

The Tom Joyner Foundation will raise money through the end of April, and in three days has already raised more than one hundred thousand dollars.

"What Tom does, he says the Tom Joyner Foundation does one thing and one thing only, that's is to help students stay in HBCUs," Myra J said.

Because it's one thing to get a child in college it's another thing to keep them there. Brad McRae says he's seen first hand the financial hardships students face while in school. "I know a couple of students who had to find other places to live as far as off campus, because they just couldn't afford the tuition and fees as well as room and board."

The money and the continuing support of foundations like Tom Joyner's is something the University greatly appreciates.

ASU Executive Assistant Dr. Joshua Murfee said, "This is exactly what Dr. Freeman wants to occur. He pushes education, he pushes scholarships, and this whole dedication is about education."

Education that will hopefully be an easier burden for the scholarship recipients. "It is so hard just to go to school and stay in school, and what the Tom Joyner Foundation can do to help HBCUs and have these kids not only become educated but to have money for the step shoes and to have money for for the band," Myra J said.

All the money raised through the month of April by the Foundation will go to the Albany State University.

Two ASU students have all read received scholarships from the Tom Joyner Foundation. The Foundation's goal is to raise five hundred thousand dollars by the end of April.


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