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Calling all mentors

April 2, 2008

Valdosta - Hudson Dockett is one of Valdosta's Government housing projects. A sometimes overlooked part of the community where a little attention can go a long way.

"There's so many negative influences out there in the world today and they need somebody with a positive mind set to lead them," says Chris Brandon.

Brandon runs the Hudson Dockett Community Center but more importantly, he's a mentor and role model for these kids.

"They take to mentors real good. They like to see new people come around and help them out. It's a real good experience for them," says Brandon.

John Kinser sees it first hand.

The VSU Junior has volunteered since January and he's already noticed a change.  "As time goes on, you really see how these kids get to know who you are and respect why you are here."

The mentors are not only donating their time to the kids but are now working to fix up the community. From a fresh coat of paint, to book drives and landscaping, they want the kids to be proud to call this their home.

"Just try to do a lot of things that will push the kids to have a deeper love for reading, knowledge, round them off and give them a better view of the world," Kinser says.

But they say they can't do it alone. They need more help and supplies to get it done and give these kids the attention they need and deserve.

They say they are in need of mentors and supplies since most of there's come from goodwill or were saved while on the way to the dump.

If you are interested in helping out, contact Diane Howard at 229-560-5692.


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