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Albany cabs are taking customers for more than their ride

April 1, 2008

Albany -- The City of Albany is investigating complaints about excessive cab fees.

Inspections from cabs of all three companies in Albany found their meters were inaccurate. The city has also gotten complaints from customers who say they were over charged.

One customer said she's had to pay a minimum flat rate on top of the regular fare for short rides and had to pay a five dollar fee for going into Lee County. Neither of those charges is authorized by the city.

"I don't really take it personally except for the fact that they don't come and get me because I complained. I know that they're cheating everyone. Its about money," said Sheron Woods.

"We need to make it a pleasant experience for customers to use our cab services, but we also need to make it possible for those people who drive cabs to make a reasonable income," said Assistant City Manager, James Taylor.

Drivers are able to alter the current meters used in Albany cabs. City officials are now looking into getting tamper-proof models that can only be set by them.


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