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Unique trend at DNR

March 31, 2008

Adel - There's a new trend among wild land firefighters in South Georgia, more women.

 This 11-person crew handled a prescribed burn of 135 acres in Cook County to protect the land from wildfires and promote the growth of the natural habitat.

Five members of the team are women and three of them are team leaders.

They're proud more women in our area are taking on the job.

"We had a fire crew from Montana come out and do some volunteer work in January and they only had two women on their crew. They commented that they don't see a lot of women in the south so I think it's a unique think that state parks and non-game conservation has so many women doing fire," says Sham Cammack of the DNR Wildlife Resources Division.

More women are making their rounds in the fire service nationwide but they remain only a small percentage of those on the front lines.

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