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Community tours Sumter Regional East

March 29, 2008

Americus -- Tears were held back during the ribbon cutting ceremony of interim hospital Sumter Regional East. A return that has long been awaited by the community. "We've had such limited services these past 13 months," said CEO, David Seagraves.

But with 76 private rooms Americus patients won't have to go out of town to have their health care needs met. 

"We'll have a dedicated OBOR, full ICU capabilities, pediatrics, rehab. We've been working hard to bring it back so that folks can have an easier time accessing the care that they deserve," said Seagraves.

A luxury many will no longer take for granted. "In June, I had my appendix rupture and ended up having to go up to Montezuma. And I really would have liked to have the hospital around," said Matthew Christian.

"And we are also expecting our first child in late July, early August so we are very happy to have them back in the community."

A service that will be provided through their LDRP rooms. "We'll have single room maternity. We were the first hospital to do it back in '87," said Seagraves.

"I'm glad that it opened early enough so that we can take a look inside and prepare for what its going to be like," said expecting mother, Anita Seagraves.

Hospital staff all say this ribbon cutting wouldn't be possible without help from the whole community. "So many people who have ties to the hospital, who as soon as they could get through the debris that evening were able to get to the hospital and lend a hand," said Seagraves.

"It did pull together, and I would like to see us continue to work together," said Christian. So her future child can one day see what team-work can accomplish.

Sumter Regional hopes to have their ground breaking for their new hospital some time in October of this year. And they hope to have the new hospital completed by the Summer of 2010.


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