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Meth lab found at Days Inn, 2 arrested

March 30, 2008

Bainbridge -- Room 107 at the Days Inn in Bainbridge was empty Sunday and will remain that way until cleanup crews can render it free of any possible contaminates. This, after components to manufacturer methamphetamine were found inside the room just 8:30 Saturday night.

"We responded along with the county fire department. Upon on arrival on the scene, they (investigators) stated that they had a specific room number they wanted us to check out. So myself, along with Officer Nix and other HAZMAT techs got suited up," said Bainbridge Public Safety Assistant Fire Chief and HAZMAT team leader Doyle Welch. He was one of the first technicians to enter the room where meth-making components were discovered inside boxes. The discovery prompted an evacuation of the nearby rooms.

"The major concern was for the public - to make sure there was nothing in there that was deadly. That was the reason for doing the air monitoring. Everything was normal inside the room and no vapors or gas were detected at the time to we were in there," said Welch.

Decatur County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Bainbridge residents 37-year-old John Christopher Roberts and 35-year-old Dana Roberts following a traffic stop. Surveillance of the two purchasing ingredients for making meth lead investigators to the couple which later revealed the room in which they had been staying in for the past two weeks.

"In a hotel room, the housekeeping, if they had a heads up it on it and  noticed this stuff laying around, they should have contacted the local law enforcement," Welch said.

But according to management at the Days Inn, the Roberts had placed a Do Not Disturb sign on their room for the past 16 days they had been staying there. Now, the two are charged with possession of  methamphetamine, manufacturing of methamphetamines, and 2 counts of child endangerment.

Police say the child endangerment charges were added because children were staying in nearby motel rooms.

Investigators say they anticipate more arrests could come from this case.


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