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Toddler drowning can easily happen

March 29, 2008

Albany -- Crime scene tape surrounding Nottingham North Apartment 157 serves as a grim reminder of how easily something can go wrong with a small child.

"EMS arrived on scene first. They found a one-year -old black female who we believe fell over into a bucket of water that was mixed with bleach," said Albany Police Information Officer, Phyllis Banks-Whitley.

That one-year-old was Asia Brown who was transported to Phoebe Memorial Hospital, but later died. A tragic end that paramedics say can easily happen to any child.

"It can happen in a matter of just seconds for a child to fall into something like that. Its best just to keep all of that stuff up and out of the way," said Dougherty EMS Supervisor, Hal Pinson.

An accident usually caused by a child's curiosity. "Young children, they tend to want to get into everything and anything. So if you have buckets of water, they will want to check it out," said Pinson.

The physical limitations of a young children prevent them from getting out. "They just don't have the motor skill that an adult would to be able to climb out of the bucket, even if they fall over to be able to pull themselves back," said Pinson. 

And it doesn't take long at all for a child to lose consciousness. 

"If its just a bucket of water it could take a couple of minutes before they are unable to breathe. If its got some kind of chemical, the child can react a lot quicker losing the ability to do anything," said Pinson.

Parents should keep all buckets and cleaning supplies away from young children. And if those products are stored in a low cabinet; there needs to be a lock.

The Dougherty County Child Death Investigations Team is currently investigating the death.


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