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Coin collectors gather for good cause

March 29, 2008

Albany -- South Georgians were nickel and dime-ing for a good cause this weekend.

26 coin companies from all over the Southeast were at the Knights of Columbus Saturday.Coin collectors were able to see, buy and trade from these collections.

A one dollar donation was also taken at the door to benefit the American Cancer Society. But collecting coins is more than just a hobby for some.

"Coin collecting is a real good investment for one thing especially with the stock market going up and down like it is. With coins you'll always have your money there especially with the price of gold and silver right now. Like an old Mercury dime my be worth, instead of a 10 cent piece, can be worth any where from a dollar to  $1.25, said Audrey Warren.

The coin collection exhibit will continue at the Knights of Columbus Sunday.


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