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Food giveaway draws hundreds of people

March 28, 2008

Albany -- Hundreds of people lined up outside a Dougherty County church Friday morning to receive free food and hygiene products. An international relief aid organization says they are seeing more people in need during tough economic times.

Curtis Bess was one of the more than one hundred people lined up early this morning outside the First Apostolic Church in East Albany for the food giveaway, even before the truck delivering the food supplies arrived. Curtis Bess said "there is a lot of people in the world today that are hungry and need something to eat."

Feed The Children, an international non profit relief organization, agrees. They held 30 more events like this around the country today. Feed The Children Regional Director Ken Lisle said "this is not unusual at all."

Feed The Children donated food and hygiene supplies for 400 families. Employees at Teleperformance in Albany paid for the truck to deliver the food, and took the day off to distribute the food, carrying it to cars for people who needed help.  Chairperson D'Mitria Plummer said "there are hungry people everywhere, so this is our way to open our arms, do what we can to support other people in the community."

Feed the Children officials say they are seeing the need for food programs grow everyday, as the price of food increases and the economy slows down. Lisle said " It affects their ability to buy four dollar gasoline, or whatever it is to get to work. Food is something that should not be shorted our of the family budget."

The boxes had canned and dried food enough for a family for a day, and hygiene products. Not a lot, but a helping hand that many people needed. Sherry Slaughter said "I really appreciate what they are doing for the community."

 And it appears that many people in this South Georgia community can use a helping hand.

Feed the Children operates in 62 countries around the world. Officials say most of the food and hygiene products given out today were donated by the manufacturers.  


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