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Homeless man attacks Valdosta woman

March 28, 2008

Valdosta - A homeless man is behind bars, charged with attacking a Valdosta woman with a hammer. But instead, he was hit with his own weapon when a good Samaritan jumped in and ended the fight.

Police say the fight began when 47 year-old Doris Sims was leaving the post office Thursday afternoon.

That's when 51 year-old Danny Brown asked her for money.  "Words were exchanged and at some point Mr. Brown actually took his hand an pushed his victim," says Brian Childress of the Valdosta Police Department.  "The female felt like she was being harassed and an altercation began."

Brown then took a hammer out of his bag and threatened to hit Sims with it.  Luckily, a good Samaritan, 33 year-old Jason Staley, stepped in.

"He was also a patron of the post office, had just left and saw what was going on. He ran over to the aid of the female, grabbed Mr. Brown and a struggle began," Childress says.

During the struggle, Sims was able to get the hammer and hit Brown several times in the head.

Brown was treated and released from South Georgia Medical Center. He's now charged with aggravated assault, battery and simple battery. No charges were filed against Sims and Staley.

"We think its self defense what we saw, we think it was justified and we're also absolutely comfortable that Mr. Brown started this incident," says Childress.

Currently there are no laws on the books to prevent panhandling but City Council hopes to create one in the next few months.

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