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Count those restaurant calories

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March 28, 2008

Many dieters avoid restaurants because they can't count how many calories are in their meal. Now a new web service is changing that.

Bill Tookoian is co-founder of the website

He's trying to bring transparency to the kitchen by listing nutritional values for 50,000 meals served at 265 restaurants. Looking for the calories in a Big Mac? It's right there.

The site even tells you how much exercise you'd need to do to offset your lunch. For those on the go, you can punch your meal into your handheld device.

The site will not only send you the nutritional value, it will also send a message when you've gone over your daily caloric goal.

"You've gotta eat, you're gonna eat out, and we want to empower you to basically know what you're putting inside your body," Tookoian explained.