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Weather radio promotion a success in Americus

March 28, 2008

Americus -- It's the sound of a ringing alert that could save your life. Thursday, dozens of people came out to the Harvey's in Americus to purchase and program a NOAA All Hazard Weather Radio.

Loretta Raines of Desoto caught the warning of the March 1st tornado last year in Sumter County from WALB.

She said, "I had just left Americus about 10-15 minutes and got home, and then Yolanda said if you're in the area of 19 and Americus, Georgia, take shelter."

But for those times when the TV is turned off, Raines decided that a 24 hour severe weather alert radio would bring her peace of mind.

Last year's tornado killed two people in Americus and caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. Today, you can still see the scars of the storm that people here still remember so well.

"I heard all of this noise coming. It was like a huge jet engine. So I ran into my bathroom and got in the tub and the next thing I knew, I heard these awful sounds of trees falling," said Lynn Holliday.

That night will forever be in the mind of Americus native who brought her mother to Harvey's to purchase a weather radio of her own.

"I know every time we've had bad weather since then, it's scared us all really bad and we don't know what to do. To have a little bit of warning, we could be much better prepared," she said.

And preparedness is exactly what these weather radios provide.

"By having that weather radio, it will basically let you know when any type of warning is issued and you'll be more better prepared," said Barry Gooden with the National Weather Service.

And while many fear hearing this sound, it's that warning call that could save their lives.

Weather radios are on sale at special prices at all Harvey's Supermarkets.

For more information on how you can program your weather radio, click on the link below and scroll down to link: Set up your new weather radio: Demonstration



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