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School system reimbursed mistake attorney fees

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March 27, 2008

Albany -- The Dougherty County School System has been reimbursed more than $8500 in attorney fees they should not have paid.

Business director Robert Lloyd says billing errors were made and Tommy Coleman's law firm was paid the $8500 by mistake. The bill should have been sent to and paid by the System's risk management insurer.

Board member David Maschke brought all this to light and has photo copies of the reimbursement checks to assure taxpayers the School System is being good stewards with their money. Maschke said "The taxpayers go the $8500 back that was not supposed to be paid out. And now there are closer safeguards in place to insure it does not happen again."

Business Director Robert Lloyd told board members the school system's finance department has a better understanding of attorney billing and whether the school system or their insurer is supposed to pay them.