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Sumter Regional Hospital takes big step in recovery

March 27, 2008

Americus -- It's been a year and a month since a F-3 tornado ripped apart Sumter Regional Hospital. Now, Sumter Regional East prepares to open its doors Tuesday.

In the emergency room the patient monitoring system is ready. Staff members are familiarizing themselves with new equipment and new surroundings. Everyone's ready to open Sumter Regional East's doors.

"We're very excited about getting into this institution and getting back to doing what we do best and that's being a hospital," said Director of Emergency Services, Michael Mock R.N.

The first of its kind temporary hospital in America will have many of the same services Sumter Regional Hospital offered the community before the tornado.

"It is a feat of engineering to accomplish this in the short time it was built. To see this 75,000 square feet of buildings that went up and look like truly an up to date modern hospital inside," said Mock.

Now the hospital will be able to deliver babies. In the 'LDRP' room, every thing's done in the room, the mother labors, delivers, recovers, and goes through her post-partum time in the room.

The hospital can also offer in house rehabilitation, X-ray facilities, and the ability to perform surgery.

"They had thousands and thousands of surgical instruments for different types of cases so it's a big problem accounting for all of that and getting it out of the other building, getting it clean and getting it ready for surgery," said Mock.

And inpatient facilities, 74 private rooms in total. Hospital officials say they now have a full service hospital to serve the community as they deserve.

You can get your own guided tour of Sumter Regional Hospital East during the ribbon cutting and open house celebration Sunday from two to five o'clock. Sumter Regional Hospital East will begin admitting patients April first.


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