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Stimulus check arrival times vary


March 26, 2008

Albany--  Many of you got a letter from the Internal Revenue Service explaining the $152 billion economic stimulus package. But you're probably more anxious to get your actual check. Here's a breakdown of when and how you'll get that money.

Payments will begin going out May 2nd. The rebate is based on your 2007 tax return so you must file to get a check. Most middle class taxpayers will get the maximum payment of $600 but the minimum amount is $300.

The maximum amount is $1,200 if you file a joint return.   The minum for joint filers is $600. Taxpayers with children will get an additional $300 for each qualifying child. Jackson Hewitt has seen more people coming in early to qualify for the stimulus payment.

"Yes we have had more people. The telephone has been busy with people asking questions surrounding the stimulus payments. They want to know how much they're going to be getting and when they can expect to have that," said Maggie Butler with Jackson Hewitt.  

When you get your check depends on when your return is processed. Checks should start arriving in mid-May. Direct deposits will start showing up in bank accounts by May 16th.

Payments are sent out based on the last two digits of your social security number. For direct deposit payments SSN's between 00 and 20 should receive a deposit by May 2nd, 21-75 by May 9th and 76-99 by May 16th.

For paper checks, SSN's between 00 and 09, checks should be mailed by May 16th, 10-18 by May 23, 19-25 by May 30, 26-38 by June 6, 39-51 by June 13, 52-63 by June 20, 64-75 by June 27, 76-87 by July 4 and 88-99 by July 11th.  

The latest you can file a tax return to receive a rebate is October 15th.