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Albany shows what CDBG funds have done for the city

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March 26, 2008

Albany-  Community Development Block Grants have helped Albany improve housing projects across the city, but now that money's in jeopardy.

Wednesday, House and Senate leaders got a tour of Albany housing projects to stress the importance of CDBG funding. Representative from both Senator Saxby Chambliss and Congressman Sanford Bishop's office along with city and county officials toured Albany's Homeless Transitional Facility. Representatives say what Albany's done with their funding is impressive.

"I'm always concerned with the plight of homeless people because that's not an issue that's dealt with on a consistent basis, but I'm just happy to know in Albany they've expressed an interest in it, and they have a transitional housing center to help those affected by the plight of homelessness," said Kenneth Cutts, Congressman Sanford Bishop's spokesman.

"We have a lot of development projects still coming and that have been completed. We have some projects that were funded with both home and CDBG. New construction of rental housing, new construction of single family, home owner housing, most of which is being developed with private funds with a very small investment of CDBG funds," said Jennifer Clark, Community and Economic development Director.

Representatives also toured the Lily Pad, a sexual assault center.