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Reserve Marines say Iraq is improving

March 26, 2008

Dougherty County --  Over the past week, five Marine Reservists from the Albany Marine Corps Logistics Base returned home from Iraq. 

 The Marine Reservists were in Iraq for seven months, many on their second deployment to the Middle East.

The Five Marine Reservists all worked in supply and logistics in their seven month deployment to Iraq. Corporal Lisa Weeks, an Early County native who works in the Maintenance Center on base armoring the vehicles, drove one of the heavy trucks in Iraq she helped build in Albany. 

"I know the people who work on those vehicles, so I had the utmost confidence in all the vehicles we were using," Weeks said.

This was Weeks' second deployment to Iraq, and says it is much safer there now for American troops than it was in 2005.  "First time we were over there it was normally pretty steady, with incoming and all. But now it's totally calmed down. You see the total progress of what we've made while over there."

Sgt. Phillip Harrison of Ft. Valley agrees, saying Iraq is much safer than a few years ago in his first deployment.  "It was a lot calmer. A whole lot calmer. No mortar attacks. No real threat to the base."

For Corporal Daniel Erdmann, a manager at the Home Depot in Moultrie, it was his first deployment to Iraq, and a surprise.  "It wasn't what I expected. There a lot of progress has been made from what I heard from others during previous deployments. It's going in a better direction."

All the Marine Reservists credited the sacrifice of American troops and Iraqi citizens for the improvements in that war torn country, and said they were glad to be part of it. The Marine Reservists said that while they were in Iraq, they saw it snow, but also saw days when it was 120º.

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