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Dougherty Schools look at staggered starts

March 25, 2008

Albany -- The Dougherty County School System will look at staggering the starting time of classes at various schools to help with transportation issues.

Right now all the Dougherty County Schools have the same starting time. School board transportation committee members say if one bus has a problem, it causes many students to be late for class.

They recommend staggering start times. Under one proposed plan Elementary schools would start at 7:45 and end at 2:15. High Schools start at 8:20 and end at 3:15. Middle Schools start about 8:55 and end at 4:15.

Buses would pick up students by school level and drop them off about thirty minutes before classes start. Dougherty Co. Schools Executive Director of  Business Robert Lloyd said  "what it does, is guarantee that children will be at school a certain time before the bell goes to start instruction. Therefore instruction starts when it should do, and finished when it should do. Buses are waiting to take the children home."

The full board will get a look at the plan next month.

The committee also came up with a handbook for bus drivers that spells out regulations and recommendations for their job.


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