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Toole resigns as SCL CEO

March 25, 2008

Macon - The man who was one of founders of the South Coast Baseball League has resigned as its chief executive officer effective immediately.

There are rumors that Jamie Toole's departure could be followed by news later this week that the SCL will not play baseball this season.

In a telephone interview, Toole says it was his decision to step down and that he remains a minority owner in the South Coast League.

Toole says he believes in the concept of the SCL but says new leadership is needed to turn around the financially troubled league.

Toole's departure comes at the same time that some players who are signed to play in the SCL this year say an unidentified SCL manager has told his players to start looking for another job.

The unidentified manager has reportedly told his players the South Coast League is going to announce later this week they are suspending operations for the 2008 season.

A SCL spokesman told the Macon Telegraph this afternoon that no decision to suspend operations has been made yet.

However, the issue was being discussed in a meeting this afternoon with Jamie Toole and SCL chief development officer J.D. Hardin.

We have a call in to Hardin for comment about that status of the league.

Toole's departure is just the latest in a rocky offseason for the SCL which has seen other executives leave or fired and the decision last month to cut from six to four teams for the 2008 season.

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