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ASU students don't like fee hike

March 25, 2008

Albany --  Albany State University students say they shouldn't have to pay for the school's mistake. Students are being asked to pay off the stadium debt with a student activity fee.

Student Government Association leaders held a news conference Tuesday and plan to meet with the student body as well. They say the University leadership hasn't been upfront with a $200 a year student activity fee increase.

Thirty-five dollars of the 100 per semester fee will go towards the $2.3 million stadium debt. Students say when they questioned about other effort to raise the fund they were put off and alumni say the students shouldn't bear the entire cost. 

"We asked for all the plans that have been taken, all the alternatives and we only got about four things listed and so I said we've only done four things in two and a half years, no I'm not going to list all of them for you it's not necessary," said ASU Student Gov't Assn. President Jazzmin Randall. 

"Even though they're going to enjoy the stadium I don't think the entire debt should be saddled on the students at Albany State.," says ASU Alumnus Charles King.

During a vote of the fee committee two students voted against the proposal and the others abstained. They'll take the fee increase to the students at a town hall meeting at the Hper gym.


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