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Beer truck overturns on Lee County highway

March 24, 2008

Lee County--  There was an unusual sight on a South Georgia road Monday afternoon. Traffic on a Lee County highway had to be re-routed after a truck overturned.

What had people looking twice was what was on the truck. It was a truck carrying about 80,000 pounds of Miller Lite.

Hundreds of cans dropping and popping--That was the sight on Highway 195 after an 18-wheeler overturned. "All I know is it happened so fast, God was with me. If it wasn't for God, I wouldn't be here today," said James Mcgee.

Driver James Magee definitely has a spiritual story to tell. "Just blessed to be here man," said Magee.

About 4 in the afternoon, he was headed north on 195. Another vehicle was just ahead. "They just almost came to a complete stop," said Magee.

By that time it was too late for Magee to stop.  All he remembers is trying to dodge them. "That's all I remember," said Magee, "getting out of the truck thanking God."

He climbed out of the crushed cab of the truck scratched, bruised and with a bump to the head. "Yeah, bleeding pretty bad," said Magee.

Looking at the damage, Magee is overwhelmed that he made it out at all.  So is his family. "Yes I am too amazed. When I turned that corner I was just like oh God please let him be ok," said sister Sherry Mcgee.

He's O.K.  But his truck? Not so much. And many of the cans of Miller Lite inside are now busted or crushed under wheels. Still, all Magee can think about is what or who saved him.

"That's all I could think about was Him, my kids and my family," said Mcgee. And it's certainly a day he won't forget. "Oh no, I won't forget this here. No I won't," said Mcgee.

From now on when he passes through this route, it'll serve as a constant reminder of the day an overturned beer truck turned his life around.  

Mcgee did hit the other vehicle in the side.  We're told that driver is also o.k.



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