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Mosquito Season's on the Way

March 24, 2008

Dougherty County -- Mosquitoes are showing up in Dougherty County a little earlier than expected.

Environmental Control wants to get them under control before the season gets in full gear.

County workers spent the past few days spraying several neighborhoods, after people complained about mosquitoes.

Many complaints came from people who live near ponds or the river.

Environmental Control Director Donnell Mathis says mosquitoes usually don't become a problem for several more weeks.

"We've gotten so much rain down and the temperatures have been up and down, so what happened is the first brood of mosquitoes have hatched off, and that's causing complaints coming in early," said Donnell Mathis, Environmental Control Director.

Mathis says to help alleviate problems, you can remove standing water around your home.  That's where mosquitoes breed.



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