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DNR cracks down on illegal dump sites

March 24, 2008

Albany -- The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is cracking down on litter and illegal dumping. Rangers say there is more illegal dumping going on in South Georgia than you realize, and they are going to prosecute dumpers to stop it.

Department of Natural Resources Rangers and Prosecutors investigate this illegal dump site near West Society Avenue and Front Street. Furniture, scrap lumber, oil, and garbage were dumped just yards from the Riverwalk.

Dougherty Chief Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards said "We have charges pending against the persons that we believe are responsible for this particular site."

Rangers found the illegal dump, and say they are many more like it across South Georgia.  D.N. R. Ranger Corporal Scott Carroll said "we see it more so than regular law enforcement, because we are in these areas. This is where we are working."

 The D.N.R. Rangers are charged with enforcing the environmental crimes in Georgia. and Rangers say they are stepping up prosecuting dumpers and littering, because something like this dump can endanger many people.

Carroll said "Some of this can wind up being hazardous to the water, as well. So yes, we are down here trying to help the environment as well as the public safety."

Rangers say too many business owners are illegally dumping waste rather than taking it to the landfill.  Edwards said "The hazards that it creates by virtue of the materials left out here. Safety hazards to people who are in this particular area. The Riverwalk is only about 100 yards from us. Also you have the eyesore aspect of it. And the taxpayers have to pay to clean these situations up."

 Because Investigators believe commercial activity was behind this dumping, it could be a felony punishable by up to two years in prison and a 25 thousand dollar fine. D.N.R. Rangers and Prosecutors say they are cracking down on litter and illegal dumps, to stop an increasing crime threat.

Rangers say if you see anyone illegally dumping or littering, get a tag number and report it to the Department of Natural Resources or your local Sheriff's Office.

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