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South Georgians cash in to cope

March 22, 2008

Albany -- While most businesses are seeing less people walk through their doors; Jewelry and Pawn in Albany is seeing more. With the price of gas and food getting higher, more people are having to pawn their things just to make ends meet.

"Whether it be just a slow down in business, people just running out of money, gas prices rising just a number of things. A number of factors," said Manager. Jason Sheffield.

"We see a lot of tools, a lot of jewelry. We specialize in jewelry so we see a lot of that. A lot of firearms, electronics, musical instruments. Just a lot of stuff."

Pawn shops give people an opportunity to get cash quick with no questions asked. "It's just a short term loan. That's basically what it is. There is nothing that goes into your record or anything like that in a permanent way," said Sheffield.

And with so many caught up in the current mortgage and credit crisis, these terms are ideal.    "There are a lot of people whose credit isn't that great. Whether it be some kind of blemish on their record and they can't get a loan," said Sheffield.

And so they go to him making business at the pawn shop good. "Pawn shops are really resilient business. When times are bad we pawn more. But if it gets to bad, you won't have anyone buying anything," said Sheffield.

But for now he just enjoys the extra foot traffic. Traffic that puts a little extra in South Georgian's pockets. Most pawn shops give you thirty days to come back and retrieve your item. After that time period they can sell it.


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