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Wild Adventures Wild Ride

March 21, 2008

Valdosta - For the first time in three years, Wild Adventures is debuting a new ride.

The Rattler is a spinning swing ride that will send thrill seekers flying over six stories into the air.

"The ride hold 24 people and runs for about two and a half minutes. It takes you on a 240 degree arch which means you are almost upside down at either end for the arch. And you spin while your swinging," says Sara Sumner.

We were asked along with several community leaders to come give it a whirl before it's grand opening this weekend.

To say it's spinning arch is intimidating is an understatement.  "I've been watching it a little bit and I tell you, its got several different motions. It's kind of a tilt-a-world combination. But I wore some older clothes just in case," says Chuck Roberts.

"It will thrill you. It actually looks dramatic when you're watching from the sidelines," says Park Manager Bob Montgomery.

But we had put it to the test. Once strapped in, we were definitely given one wild ride.

"If the screams are any indications, this ones going to be a doozie," Sumner says.

"It was awesome. You just feel like you are flying in the air. It was great. You look up there and its just nothing but sky," Roberts says.

They are expecting a large crowd of guests looking to brave the parks new adventure and say anyone can step up to the challenge when the gates open Saturday morning.

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