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Albany lady escapes storm with only property damage

March 20, 2008

Albany -  Some homeowners are cleaning up the damage left over from Wednesday's heavy winds and rain.

For homeowner Evelyn Green, Wednesday's bad weather caused a portion of her ceiling to cave in after a large tree fell on the roof.   "I thought it was just a nightmare. I pulled up and I thought I was somewhere else," she said.   

That's how Evelyn Green describes the damaged done to her house after arriving home from work last night. "It was unbelievable to see a big old tree on your house like that."

A house on Warrior Court she's called home for 18 years. Wednesday night, heavy winds blew the 25-foot Oak tree onto her roof.  "The porch is about to fall it looks like. It's sagging in the middle," Green says.  "The roof caved in."

In turn, causing the inside of her living room ceiling to do the same, leaving a big mess in the process.  "Insulation fell on the floor."

Green's home is surrounded by several old trees. And in case more bad weather comes her way, she's taking no more chances. She says she plans to cut several of the trees down.  "Yes, yes, yes, definitely."  

Right now Green is currently staying with her daughter until the house in fixed. Tree removal and repairs are now on her agenda.

Just a short distance from Green's home on the same street, Wednesday's storm caused another tree to fall over in her neighbor's yard. Fortunately, the tree just barely missed the house.


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