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Juvenile violence becoming common in Bainbridge

March 19, 2008

Bainbridge--Bainbridge Public Safety officers say a group of at least 5 boys aged 8 to 16 years old were loitering at a Winn Dixie Shopping Center and next door at American Pie Pizza.

 A pregnant woman who worked at the restaurant asked them to leave.  A boy pushed her to the ground and another pushed her head into a brick column. Investigators say incidents like this are becoming more common in Bainbridge.  

Investigator Chris Jordan said, "We're going to have to come up with a long term solution, its just, its not something that's going to go away over night just because somebody talked about what needs to be done."

Investigators say the woman had some bleeding from a cut on her ear. She was treated and released from the hospital.

They arrested 3 juveniles. They'll be turned over to the department of juvenile justice.


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