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Obama's minister comments may not be so controversial

March 19, 2008

Albany -- Political fallout continues from racially charged comments made by Barack Obama's minister. Obama addressed the country Tuesday about those statements calling them inflammatory and divisive.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright has been Obama's pastor for 20 years. In some of his sermons, he harshly criticized the United States and said Hillary Clinton has an advantage in the presidential race because she is white.

A long-time minister in Albany told us those kinds of comments are common in churches across America.

"They are no more controversial than a number of pastors across this country who are both white and black who are saying similar things," said Mt. Zion Baptist Senior Pastor, Daniel Simmons.

"They are controversial according to where you sit. For some people they are normal and for others they are controversial."

Obama says he staunchly disagrees with many of Wright's statements and political beliefs. But he still embraces the man who inspired his Christian faith.

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