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Rise in food prices have their effect

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March 18, 2008

Albany--  You've probably noticed an increase in many prices at the supermarket. Now you could see some of those increases at your favorite bakery or pizzeria.

Wheat is the latest item to skyrocket. The price has more than tripled over the past ten months. That affects everything from bread to pasta.

At Mama Gina's Picnic Pizza in Albany, high cheese prices already led them to raise prices slightly. Since they make their own bread and dough, they hope wheat and flour prices don't force another hike.

"We're trying our best not to pass it on to the customer but that's the only place where you can cut back is your food prices," said Carmella Coates.

"Diesel is $4.00 a gallon now and we ship into seven states and it's really hurt our bottom line," said A.J. Faye with Paparella Food Service Distributors.  

Faye is a sales representative for Paparella Food Service Distributors. The increase in wheat, cheese and flour has hurt them also and caused them to pass some of the costs on to their customers.

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