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Chambliss hits the trail

March 18, 2008

Lee County -- Hours after officially kicking off his re-election campaign lMonday night, U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss hit the campaign trail this morning.

At a grass roots rally in Lee County, Chambliss heard from voters who say they'll closely watch how the Senator deals with issues from the Farm Bill to tax relief and healthcare.  

Taking nothing for granted, Senator Saxby Chambliss started his campaign across the state in Lee County talking with voters about their concerns. "The situation in Iraq, particularly in places like here in Albany where MCLB is such an important economic factor and national security factor. The Farm Bill is very much on the minds of people all across south Georgia," Chambliss cited as key.

The 2008 Farm Bill will have many of the same safety nets for south Georgia farmers, but could have smaller subsidies for peanut and cotton farmers. "We've got some new provisions with respect to the peanut program, made a couple of changes in the cotton program, we've had to because of budget reasons as well as just reasons we need to move to more market orientate programs," the Senator said.

As the economy continues to stumble, residents listened intently to what the Senator had to say about future fixes.  "I was very interested in the tax cuts of course in the economy and the fuel situation. I think he's working hard to get us some alternative fuels," says  Jim Thomas, a concerned citizen. 

Because we depend on foreign oil for 62% of petroleum needs, the Senator explained the Farm Bill includes incentives for alternative fuels, like ethanol, but not only made from corn. "We can't grow corn at the volume they can in the Midwest, but we can sure grow a pine tree like nobody else."

Chambliss said the challenge will be getting more flex engines in the nation's vehicles so there will be a demand for ethanol.

Tuesday, it was his colleague and best friend Senator Johnny Isakson however who may have led the loudest cheer calling Chambliss well respected, hard working, but most importantly someone who's never lost his commitment to Georgia's conservative values.

Now it will be up to voters to decide. Senator Chambliss also made a campaign stop in Columbus. Later this week, he plans to campaign in Rome and Savannah.


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