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IRS sends letters about tax rebate

March 18, 2008

Albany -- You'll get two letters from the IRS this week explaining your economic stimulus payments coming in May.

The IRS says it's getting more than 50 thousand calls a day about the so called tax rebate. So they will mail two letters this week to explain the program. The first letter will let you know if you're eligible for the money; the second will let you know how much you're getting.

And if your regular tax refund check was direct deposited, this check will be, too. I.R.S. spokesman Mark Green said "by choosing direct deposit, not only do you get your refund back quicker. But in addition to that, you will get your tax rebate directly deposited into that same saving or checking account when the rebate comes out, which is beginning in May."  

So the two letters from the I.R.S. this week should answer most of your questions about the tax rebate.

But officials again caution you to beware of many Identity fraud scams targeting people by using the I.R.S. name.


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