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New headquarters may lower crime

March 18, 2008

Albany -- For thirty days officers patrolling Northwest Albany have been deploying from Dawson. "One of our strategies is to decentralize our deployment. That will help reduce response time especially during shift change," said Albany Police Chief, James Younger.

"So now that we are at sufficient staffing, one of our pilots is to start in the community policing center on Dawson." A strategy Albany Police chief hopes will help curb a rise in burglaries and aggravated assaults.

"That is a real challenge because most of these aggravated assaults are happening among acquaints. So you are taking about the scope of anger management that is outside the scope of police business," said Younger.

But having officers closer to their beats will keep them in sight making criminals think twice before committing a crime. "Particularly because there are incidents of gas drive-offs and shoplifting in that quarter. So we think that will have an impact on those particular crimes," said Younger.

And if this strategy is successful Albany Police will make the community policing center in East Albany the main headquarters for officers patrolling there. "We believe that officers will have a greater sense of responsibility since they will be working out of headquarters that will be centralized to the beat that they are assigned to," said Younger.

In turn helping keep Albany streets safer. There will soon be more police officers patrolling Albany streets. There are currently 10 officers in the academy and all 10 are expected to graduate at the end of the month.


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