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Albany's downtown blight battle continues

March 18, 2008

Albany -- Code enforcers are making progress and finding a lot of problems as they take on blight in downtown Albany.

Last week the city mailed notices to the owners of more than 550 properties to let them know inspectors would come out soon.

So far more than half the buildings inspected downtown have code violations. The two enforcement officers are almost finished with inspections running North to South.

They expect to run into even more challenges when they change directions. "When we go East and West, it will go a little slower because there are many more problems that we are facing. We had of the 150 properties, 90 had some sort of violations," said Code Enforcement Director, Mike Tilson.

Of those buildings, seven are vacant. Property owners have 10-days to register any vacant buildings with the city with a statement on what they plan to do with the building.


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