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Chambliss talks economy, Moultrie fights downturn

March 17, 2008

Moultrie--  Chambliss says something needs to be done quickly to turn around the nation's struggling economy.

The Senator says from foreclosures to business shutdowns, the economy isn't looking as good as it should. He says turning things around will take both short and long-term solutions.

"What we need to do from the standpoint of long-term on the economy is to continue to provide incentives to the business community or tax relief to allow them to either build new businesses or expand existing businesses and that way we create jobs and we create jobs here in America," said Chambliss.

In the short-term, Chambliss says lawmakers need to take a serious look at the housing crisis and loss of jobs. He says the economic stimulus package is a good start to fixing the problems.

Despite the economic downturn, small businesses there in Saxby Chambliss' hometown continue to thrive. City leaders worked hard to make downtown strong. Right now, the area is filled with about 70 small businesses along with major offices and loft apartments.

Customers continue to patronize shops and new businesses are coming in. Terrie Alderman recently relocated her business from Tampa, Florida. She says so far the struggling economy hasn't had a major effect.

"You can't say that it hasn't affected it somewhat. However, in Moultrie we've done very well. We have sales going on constantly and listings every single day so we're real pleased with the growth of Georgia and Moultrie," said Alderman.

"Those types of things happen everywhere. Some it does affect. Some it does not affect. So we're just pleased that downtown Moultrie has experienced positive growth and change," said Main Street Director Amy Johnson.

Over the past 10 years, people have spent more than 10-million dollars at downtown Moultrie businesses.  



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