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Saxby wants more time


March 17, 2008

Moultrie--  Georgia's senior Senator wants to keep that job in the nation's capitol. Saxby Chambliss kicked off his re-election campaign with supporters Monday in Moultrie. He says his first six years in the U.Ss Senate weren't enough to make the changes he wants to see.

"Please welcome my friend, your Senator and your neighbor, the honorable Saxby Chambliss," said Senator Johnny Isaakson to applause from Chambliss supporters. 

It was applause in a sea of red, white and blue Monday afternoon. "This is where it all started," said Chambliss.

There were balloons, salutes to the flag and patriotic songs as supporters welcomed a hometown leader. "The thing I'm proud of Saxby for is his conservative values and he's kept those values," said supporter Darvin Eason. 

And Chambliss values the people of Colquitt County.

"This is where my roots are," said Chambliss.

That's why he chose Moultrie to kickoff his re-election campaign. "Send us back to Washington for six more years," said Chambliss to the audience.

Chambliss says he's proud of what's been accomplished during his first six years in the U.S. Senate. "But the job is not finished. There are issues of national security that need to be dealt with. The issue of affordable healthcare for people all across America irrespective of what economic strata you're in, it's critically important and it needs to be dealt with," said Chambliss.

Chambliss supporters like fellow U.S. Senator Johnny Isaakson agree more work needs to be done by lawmakers. "We're in an ongoing war on terror and having the right policy to deal with the challenges with terrorism, it's critical and Saxby's experience with armed services is absolutely critical for this state," said Isaakson.

For that critical work to continue, it'll be up to Georgia voters. "That's why I'm so humble to stand before you today and to ask you to help re-elect me to the United States Senate," said Chambliss.

The re-election stage is now set for Saxby in Moultrie.  He'll now take that same message across the state.

Chambliss will hit the campaign trail Tuesday.  He's got a grassroots rally planned at the Leesburg Fire Station at 8:15 in the morning.