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Albany group caught up in Atlanta storm

March 17, 2008

Albany-  They're cleaning up in the state's capitol from a historic tornado, the first to hit downtown Atlanta.

An Albany Technical College Instructor and two students were in Atlanta for a dental conference at the Georgia World Congress Center when the tornado hit Friday night. The group had returned to their hotel just 10 minutes before the tornado ripped through downtown. They had previously been with thousands at the Georgia World Congress Center, which received damage to the roof and had water pouring down staircases. The group had no idea how bad the damage was or how much danger they were in until it was over.

"From my window I was able to see a lot of strong winds, and a lot of rain, and a lot of whipping rain and then shortly there after all the ambulances, all the fire people the EMS services, heading towards downtown Atlanta, but at that point not being real aware of what had happened there," said Linda Cauley, Albany Technical College Dental Instructor.

One of the students was scheduled to receive a scholarship Saturday, but the Hinman Dental Conference was canceled because of the damage.



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