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CCC gets foreclosure grant

March 17, 2008

Albany -  Georgia ranks within the top five states with the highest number of homeowners facing foreclosure. But the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Albany got a grant to help prevent foreclosure and help families keep their homes.

For the 20 county area surrounding Albany, Consumer Credit Counseling of Albany sees nearly 100 foreclosures every month.

"Home ownership is one of the proudest things that one can have in this country and certainly the fear of losing your home has to be very depressing," said Albany Mayor Willie Adams.

That's why Mayor Willie Adams who also serves as the Chairman of the Board of Georgia Department of Community Affairs said it was so important to secure $188,000 to provide counseling for south Georgia homeowners in need of help. The grant will provide free counseling for families in danger of foreclosure.

"It will take probably an hour, and hour and a half perhaps two hours. It make take follow up visits, two or three follow up visits," says CCCS Albany Director  Irma Whitten.

A lot of the foreclosures are a result of the recent turmoil with adjustable rate mortgages, but other circumstances can also put families in financial danger

"Also it's the loss of income and maybe illnesses or medical reasons," says Whitten.

The grant comes from funds from the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counseling Program and was recently approved by Congress to help bail out families in need.

"We only had about a week to pull together numbers and facts and figures to try and capture this almost $900,000," said Beth Spears, Sr. Business Development and Training Coordinator.

Now they're hoping south Georgians in danger of foreclosure will take advantage of this help before it's too late.

To get help,  you need to set up an appointment with Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Albany at 883-0909.

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