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Mayor wants WIFI downtown

March 17, 2008

Valdosta - Downtown Valdosta has come a long way thanks to a group of business owners who transformed the once rundown buildings back into the heart of the city.

But there's still one major project Mayor John Fretti says downtown needs.  "Downtown should be wireless. It should have that capability."

He says getting a wireless network is something the city will help with but he's hoping some area businesses will step up to the plate.

"This is what I'm asking for downtown is that private industries step up and/or utilities and focus on our downtown," Fretti says.

Fretti believes getting downtown connections would have some major economic advantages. 

"I envision more conferencing happening downtown. We have some boutique hotels that are coming online soon," Fretti says.  "It would increase not only the residential portion but the office professional portion and the governmental portion."

And put more money into the pockets of people working there.

"It would encourage a lot of people, students and business people to come downtown and spend more time eating lunch and dinner," says Greg Frier, a server at Bleu Cafe.  "Maybe do more business meeting and lunch meetings as well."

Fretti hopes to see this done by the end of the year.


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